Create a campaign

To start, you need to create a campaign. Here is your step-by-step guide to doing so:

  1. Navigate to your ‘Affiliate Account’, which you have created by this stage, once logged in at Login here.

  2. On the Dashboard tab, select the ‘+ New Campaign’ button.

  3. Your Campaign status will automatically be Enabled based on your domain/website. New campaigns are checked and then need to be manually activated. This usually happens within 2-3 work days.

  4. Enter your preferred Campaign name. You can have multiple campaigns, but we associate your overall commission to your affiliate account number.

  5. Enter your Website URL. This must be the domain from where you will be referring traffic to us, and must be owned by yourself. If your URL changes, your account/campaign(s) will be disabled until your URL has been verified.

  6. You can then choose to either use the website layout and branding, or to create your own branding around the website.Note: HTML knowledge is required for the latter, which is not provided by We will provide you with the code you need to add to your own HTML and CSS stylesheets of your campaign and to design your own webpages.

  7. [Optional] Google Adwords users can use the last section to track your campaigns. Simply capture your Conversion Tracking ID and Label. We'll do the rest.Note: We currently only support booking conversions tracking.

    See here for more information about AdWords conversion tracking.

Integrate your unique booking source code

  1. Select your campaign from the dropdown menu under ‘Integration’. The page should reload a list of codes you can choose from.

  2. Iframes are used to embed and isolate our third-party content into your website. The iframe code is our preferred integration because it is the only cross-browser way to provide HTML components that would perhaps not display in more modern browsers.